About us

Paperdoll Heaven is the free, online, virtual paper doll game site for everyone out there who enjoys playing fun and funny flash games, at all skill levels.

Operated by Stardoll.com, Paperdoll Heaven has a huge assortment of games featuring celebrity dolls, athletes, popstars, actors, actresses, models, cute animals, magical fairies and elves, enchanting unicorns and dragons, fun puzzles, picture perfect postcards and much more. You can dress celebrities up in our wide selection of fashions inspired by the latest runway shows and the most glamorous fashion magazines.

It is completely FREE to play all of our games and you'll have fun as you learn how to recycle, do magic tricks, dress a supermodel, strike a pose, be a paparazzi, design your own jewelry, decorate a wedding cake, catch a snowflake or ride your dream horse all the way to heaven... to Paperdoll Heaven!